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T-Systems is a German global IT services and consulting company headquartered in Frankfurt. Founded in 2000, it is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

A former employee shares his opinion on glassdoor.com, "They don't have any project still they hire people and then terminate them, T-Systems has recently terminated all trainees and also they have canceled full-time offers of interns this is really shameful, if they don't have any work why have this people hired so many students? They have ruined the career of 250+ students."


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Former Employee - Software Developer says

"List of the con's as follows:- 1) You have to be in a group like (animal: hyena's), because if you not you will be hunted down. 2) Resource management has no idea about, what is going on inside teams politics-related stuff. 3) The company where all employees think that they are Albert einstein. especially I remember one jerk, who is root cause of whole polities. One day he will be CEO of the T system. 4) Tech management is biased they won't listen, individual, they only listen one level down. 5) Do not recommend to join this company you can find other there are lots of option out there."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"1.most of the employees are sitting on bench 2.No projects available result in no work 3.they hire freshers keep them for 6 months and then releases them 4.there is nothing like management out there"

Former Employee - Graduate Engineer Trainee says

"They don't have any project still they hire people and then terminate them , tsystem pune have recently terminated all trainees and also they have cancelled full time offer of interns this is really shameful , if they don't have any work why this people hired so much students ? They have ruined career of 250+ students"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"No processes or systems in place and hence HR team keeps changing policies as and when they want. Keep slogging and no benefits you can expect in return to it. Allowances are promised but not given . Same to appraisal. They hire ppl wid great cost and do not give hike to already existing employees. Eventually ppl end up leaving jobs. Plz check their records till date how many employees have left. This is because no flexibility is given in terms of working ,less pay,no appraisals,lots of politics,rude HR team and yes not to forget HR team which just merely exists to hire ppl and to look for any sort of improvement or enagagement. They are just puppets of top management."

Former Employee - Java Developer says

"Bad Managment, low salary, forced to do Sun Certified Java Developer Certificate in your own time."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"Once you join with good hike then you are made aware of the real politics that even our politicians don't play. Sycophancy is rampant. There is no objectivity."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"1. Politics Politics- Hell lot of politics out here. No matter how good performer you are, you will be behind the sychophant. 2. No Policies- Policies are meant to be twisted at the core of T-Systems to their own advantage. 3. Poor Manners- without naming the individual here, must say worst manager I have come across in my lifetime. Shame on him. He has nonidea, how to talk to girls. Shame on him."

Current Employee - Consultant says

"No healthy work environment. Playing games with employees careers."

Former Employee - Lead Project Manager says

"A company trying to setup footprint with confused mindset- Asking money for Service Certificate without correct Tax Calculation - 2) These guys provide incorrect Designation and dont wish to correct it 3) Goofup in Provident Fund in which names are incorrectly spelled or showing other Employee Names for the UAN in your salary slip . HR says that it is not part of their scope wherein the Goofup is by T-Systems. This has led to issues in PF Transfer / Withdrawal. No co-operation from T-Systems 3) Certain set of Employees are favored. Hard-working people including Seniors are often marginalized and often blamed up-on . Message to Senior Aspirants - Highly Avoidable . Message to Junior Aspirants/Freshers - You can try if you dont have any other opportunities. But try to move out after 1-2 years. Often seen that favoritism prevails and marginalization too. Often Hard working people are targeted either by favorites via spreading rumors etc."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stupid management and policies. No projects."

Client Coder (Current Employee) says

"Tsystem would benefit greatly having diversity and inclusion policies. My experience for 2.5 years was very stressful due to a culture of white supremacy. I didn't feel supported by supervisors or upper management. Clearly, being a person of color has great disadvantages when there is a mindset of white superiority! Black people beware of this company! No ProsAll Cons"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Лютая немецкая брократия с русским менталитетом. До сих пор не понимаю как угораздило в эо вляпаться. На собеседовании было вроде бы как у всех. Но нет. 5 «единых» систем аутентификации, иногда приходится использовать логин от одной пароль от другой. Такого за 8 лет карьеры не видел ни разу… Командировки за границу есть… Но лучше бы их не было ибо про оформление командировки написан 15 старничный документ только про то как на нее сделать заявку, и еще столько же про то как по ней отчитаться… Проекты лютое легаси сброшенные истиными арийцами на доработку тем кого недалекие предки истинных ариев называли несколько иными словом. Отношение соответсвующие. Бизнес процессы отсутвуюют напрочь…"

Commercial Director (Former Employee) says

"German arrogance, thinking that being a daughter of Deutsche Telekom means that you can go after "only the meat deals" in all other countries. Bizarre central management philosophy, killing all local entrepreneurship."

Project Architect ure & Management (Former Employee) says

"Buen equipo humano, falta de liderazgo y pro actividadHorariosNóminas muy bajas"

Service Desk (Former Employee) says

"Worked as an IT contractor for this company assigned for Thyssenkrupp Elevators. Worse job ever. Management lied to have me removed from job when I tried to bring some ideas to improve the work flow.got paid weeklyeverything"

ED Coding Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Was more concerned with productivity than with quality and lack of education and training in order to do your job properly and accurately. Expected to work holidays weekends etc when not explained upon hiring."

Developer and 2nd level support (Former Employee) says

"The work didn't match their intial offer. I just gave technical support by phone. It was horrible."

Systems Administrator II (Current Employee) says

"They do not know when to say no to the customer. I would highly advise this to anyone trying to work for T-systems in Atlanta to please have this be temporary."

I.T Support Engeneer (Current Employee) says

"It is always a challenge to work hard;we work as a team we manage to do our job easilyno free lunchlong hours"

Support (Current Employee) says

"No job advancement even though you are told there is. Everything is regulated by Germany. Managers do not fight enough to get an employee converted.A lot of people who do nothing still have a job."

Credentialing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company bought a billing company knowing very little of what how things worked. They laid off over half the staff and ended up having to rehire more than half of the people they let go of after losing many clients due to payments being lost.The manager in my department was very demeaning and would talk to you like a child expecting you to work miracles. He would try to make you feel better by countering his bad comments with a good one. The manager was replaced someone who knew the job just to fill it despite the fact that he knew nothing about what the department did and did little to try to learn much of what the importance of the department did. It became an extremely stressful, negative environment."

Técnico en cadena de montaje (Former Employee) says

"Trabajé un par de meses en esta empresa. Además de pagar lo justo , el ambiente es de lo peor que me he encontrado. Ambiente tardofranquista con enchufados familiares en puestos de responsabilidad. Los encargados están más pendientes de que no hables con el compañero que de el trabajo en sí. Te amenazan con no dejarte los cinco minutos del cigarro cada 3 horas si la producción no sale en los tiempos programados. El peor trabajo que he tenido , no recomendaría a nadie esta empresa.ningunoSalario, promoción inexistente, falta de higiene laboral."

T-Systems Support Analyst II for ThyssenKrupp NA (Current Employee) says

"This is just a job if you have no job. No health benefits. No opportunity to go perm. No vacation time. Not an enjoyable work environment. I would suggest people look for opportunities some where else."

Engagement Manager / Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"May not be the best time to join T-Systems North America. People are great but there is not a commitment to North America at this time. Maybe the new CEO will make a difference."

Technicien Help Desk (Former Employee) says

"J'ai bossé pour le support CARBASE qui finalement devait retourner sur Paris. Un plan social était en cours, et les CDI, pour protester pour leur situation, avaient décidé de ne plus travailler. Les superviseurs étant dans le même cas, avaient eux aussi "lâchés l'affaire". Les intérimaires étions obligés de bosser pour 2 voir pour 3. Le management ne semblaient pas avoir envie de s'en mêler. Etant donné que l'outil marchait mal, le plus souvent les clients Porsche étaient très désobligeant au téléphone. Lorsque l'on travail dans le luxe, les bonnes manières se perdent.Aucunceux décrits précedement"

NOC Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Too many knee jerk reactions and constant backtracking on poor decisions. Really high turnover. One minute they want you to fix something, the next minute it's ok if it's not working properlyNoneEverything"

IT Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The position arent good paid the work is somehow confusing. For the beginning its good. But If you want bether paid job you need to go to a diffrent company."

sys admin (Former Employee) says

"Good pay and for americans a generous holiday count, No management at any level causes turmoil and frustration. if you dont care about your future than go work there. if you want to be a scape goat for inept management - its your place. actually the term management and t-systems is like fire and waterpayeverything else"

Ingeniero (Former Employee) says

"Lo bueno: La cantidad de aprendizaje no se compara, cuando termines tu tiempo en esa empresa saldrás siendo otra persona muy diferente del pequeño pasante que entro. El sueldo es bueno cuando estas empezando, y las prestaciones son las básicas dependiendo si eres de planta o outsourcing. Lo malo: Conforme pase el tiempo notaras lo siguiente. La empresa se basa en el compadrazgo, algo normal en la ciudad que se ubica. El crecimiento laboral es posible pero te tomara tiempo, suerte y tener amistad con tu jefe o llevarte bien con el jefe de otra área que te jale a su departamento. Los salarios para las capacidades que piden no son adecuados, muchas otras empresas pagan mejor las mismas posiciones. Renunciaras a tu vida personal, conforme subas de posiciones las responsabilidades y el tiempo personal que sacrificas crecen sin reflejarse en la ganancia. La empresa paga horas extras a precio de hora normal y solo cierta cantidad, después de eso trabajas de gratis. Era común ver como gastaban a los empleados asta quemarlos y quebrarlos, para luego solo lo desecharlos.Gran experiencia e Impulso a tu curriculum, aprendereas muchisimo.Puestos mejor pagados en otras empresas, mucho sacrificio de tu tiempo personal."

Network Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good process management is a necessary part of ensuring a secure customer focused environment. T-Systems relied too much on an overbearing process. One example is change management A simple change required at least 1.5 hours to get the necessary approvals between the paperwork and change control meetings. A simpler yet safe process would have supported improved customer service."